K J Hannah Greenberg – 1 poem

A Fixity of Posture


Catalepsy’s initially regarded as

Socially uncouth, as also akin to

Burping, suffering borborygmus,

Eating lukewarm pottage, sipping

Brackish water, embracing math by way of infinitesimals.


See, déraciné, that dire displacement

Experienced by swathy folks, intent

Not on assimilating, but on capture,

Routes subjective sense perceptions;

Most bonkbusters discomfort grannies, distress preachers.


It’s insufficient just to chop potatoes

Into small tetragons if deracinating –

Meddlers require knives, sticks, any

Weapon, really, that fits together the

Pieces, whose components stanchion outworlder functions.


As we embrace rendition, all manner

Of terror attempts groaking unsullied

Blatteroons, talking while adjusting

Headsets.  Politicians, basically, can

Apostrophize ‘til dawn. Professional accountability wilts.


Reflect, we’re no smellfungi, just dull

Citizens cognizant that monokinis, or

Burkinis, mightn’t be for showcasing

Female form, increasing sensitivity to

Misogyny, protecting women from an ingrained prejudice.


Designs, even now, are harvested from

Lists, from geometry or trigonometry

From men too unsophisticated to grasp

Concepts correlating rates, slopes, pain,

Save no one, won’t render their communication consequential.


Viz, most noumenal (not phenomena)

Surround profoundly stuck moments.

Elsewise, practicing non-judgment on

Sad environments encourages engaging

Scary places; Benin, Burundi, Mauritania, Gabon, and Dijbouti.




KJ Hannah Greenberg 

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