Submission Guidelines

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‘Bindweed Beauty’ by Leilanie Stewart ( Model: Wang Dan


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1 🍃 Bindweed Magazine accepts unpublished poetry and short fiction for inclusion in the Ezine and later print anthology.

2 🍃 Unpublished means it MUST NOT have been published elsewhere in print or online at the time of submission.

3 🍃 Acceptance means that Bindweed Magazine has first electronic publication rights. Upon publication, all rights revert immediately to the author.

4 🍃 First publication rights means Bindweed Magazine is first to publish your poetry/fiction and after it has been published on our site, we may publish it in a later printed issue – with you credited as author.

5 🍃 If you republish later, remember to cite Bindweed Magazine as your first bloom!

6 🍃 Should your work be accepted for publication, it may be lightly edited to correct minor spelling or grammatical errors to fit with the style of Bindweed.

7 🍃 NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE. This minimises formatting issues during publication. Attachments will be deleted unread.

8 🍃 If you wish to use a pseudonym, please make sure you mark your work with PEN NAME: and LEGAL NAME: If you don’t mark work clearly in this format, and work is published under the wrong name, the Editor reserves the right not to make any corrections upon publication.

9 🍃 If you wish to, you can include a third person bio and links to your blog/ website/ social media. I don’t have time to edit bios as I’m running the zine alone – bios that aren’t in third person won’t be displayed.

10 🍃 Please query after 2 months if you haven’t had a response.

11 🍃 PLEASE TAKE NOTE: If you have used irregular line spacing, tabs or centre justification, it will not appear this way on the homepage due to the nature of the Ezine. Your work will, however, be printed in its original layout in the print anthology – all work will be published in Arial font.

12 🍃 You can submit as often as you want, however, only one submission will be published in the same issue, any additional accepted submission(s) will be held over for publication in later issue (s).


🌺 POETRY: 6 poems in the body of the email. Maximum length 50 lines (to accommodate the printed anthology).

🌺 PROSE: Fiction of up to 3000 words copied into the body of the email.

Send work to: