Issue 10 – Bindweed Online 2020

Issue 10

Photo credit: Driss Tamdi

We are now taking submissions for Issue 10 of Bindweed Magazine, which has been launched in January 2020.

We’re looking for poetry, fiction or other unpublished literary hybrids that are experimental, offbeat and one of a kind.

Read our Submission Guidelines for more on what we like.

All work will be published on the homepage and archived below. A print anthology may follow later in 2020 if we have the time and resources to launch one.

We look forward to reading your work!

Leilanie and Joseph 🍃

January 2020 

Promo – Welcome to Bindweed Magazine Issue 10

Fiction – Cynthia Anderson

Fiction – John Dorroh

Poetry – Dani Salvadori

Fiction – Neil Leadbeater

Fiction – James Babbs

Poetry – Gerry Stewart

February 2020:

Fiction – Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah

Fiction – Chuka Susan Chesney

Fiction – Mare Leonard

Poetry – Theresa Gaynord

Poetry – Mark J. Mitchell

Poetry – Marc Carver

March 2020:

Fiction – Samuel R. Buckley

Poetry – John Grey

Poetry – James Croal Jackson

Poetry – John Tynan

Poetry – Jayanta Bhaumik

Fiction – Glen Donaldson

April 2020:

Poetry – Robert Ford

Poetry – M.A. Istvan Jr.

Poetry – Steven Edgar

Poetry – Simon Robson

Poetry – John L. Stanizzi

Fiction – James Bates

May 2020:

Poetry – KJ Hannah Greenberg

Promotion – Poetry collection, Rudiments, by Bindweed poet, KJ Hannah Greenberg 

Poetry – R. Gerry Fabian

Poetry – Kitty Coles

Fiction – Amy Finlay

Poetry – George Cassidy Payne

June 2020:

Poetry – Holly Day

Fiction – Ken Poyner

Poetry – Charles Rammelkamp

Poetry – Toti O’Brien

Poetry – David Punter

Poetry – KB Ballentine

July 2020:

Fiction – Haven Stewart

Poetry – Michael Lee Johnson

Poetry – Tom Montag

Promotion – Forthcoming novel by Bindweed contributor, Douglas Cole

Poetry – D W Evans

Poetry – Deborah Guzzi

August 2020:

Poetry – Gary Beck

Poetry – Glenn Hubbard

Poetry – Ian Stuart

Fiction – Belinda Rimmer

Poetry – Simon Robson

September 2020:

Poetry – Ashley Renselaer

Poetry – Judith Cody

Poetry – Jim Conwell

Poetry – Louise Wilford

Forthcoming ~