FREE promotion for past Bindweed Contributors

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Attention Bindweed contributors of yesteryear! As of January 2021, we are changing our ‘Free promotion for Indie Authors’ to ‘Free promotion for past contributors’. Essentially, what we intend to do is to give back to you, fabulous writers and poets, for choosing us as a home for your writing over the years.

So, if your work has appeared in one of our past issues (Issues 1-10, or Issue 11 as of January 2021) please send a link to buy/ link jpeg of your cover for your newly published or forthcoming poetry or short story collection or novel and we’ll give it a shout!

Send to:

Book shouts:

Poetry promotion – Mortal Coil by Bindweed contributor Charles Rammelkamp

Novel promotion – The White Field by Bindweed contributor Douglas Cole

Poetry promotion – Rudiments by Bindweed contributor KJ Hannah Greenberg

Indie Books spotlight:

Poetry and fiction promotion – Brexit Brokeshit by Joseph Robert

Fiction promotion – Six Degrees by Rae Stoltenkamp

Fiction promotion – Ursa Rising by Sheila Englehart

Fiction promotion – Hym and Hur by Phillip Frey

Poetry promotion – Silence and Chopin by Dorota Szumilas