FREE promotion for Indie writers


Bindweed clipartAs a self-published author, is it not hard to get your work noticed? Here at Bindweed, we understand. We’ve been there too. Your book is published via Lulu, Createspace, Smashwords, the local printer, etcetera. You line up an event at your local pub. You sell a few copies to family, friends and colleagues. Fifty, maybe? A hundred? You start to realise people want your work for free. But you’re not only a writer, you’re a business person, damn it! You want people to buy your product – and why not?

But how can you promote it?

That’s where Bindweed can help!

How it works

Attach your self-published chapbook/book (as a word document or rtf) and cover photo (as a jpeg or png) to Quality work only please.

If the Editor likes it, she’ll publish an excerpt (6 poems or 1 chapter) on Bindweed, with your contact details and links to your online shop.

What constitutes ‘quality’ work?

Writing that has merit, of course! The obvious requirement should be having no typos, good grammar and spelling. Apart from that, no cheese, please – save that for the cheese grater!

What Heavenly Flower Publishing likes:

1 πŸ‘ Open to any style of poetry, although free verse is preferred. If it rhymes, don’t lose meaning for meter, people!

2 πŸ‘ Any genre will be considered. Experimental is favoured, as are surreal stories or work using magical realism – Heavenly Flower Publishing believes these types of stories are often overlooked or neglected, so will be given a loving space here. After all, a slipstream story is for life, not just for Christmas!

But, Heavenly Flower Publishing doesn’t discriminate against any type of work. It’s equal opportunities for horror, romance, humour and so on.

Do you promote books from a publisher?

Let’s keep it simple. Heavenly Flower Publishing doesn’t want to tread on the toes of rights belonging to other publishers. If you are the publisher of your own work, that makes life easy. By submitting to, Β you give permission for Bindweed Magazine to publish an excerpt of your work on the Ezine homepage and in the print anthology, for promotion purposes, if it is accepted.

Phew! Hopefully all of the above is clear. So the bottom line is, if you’re an indie author wanting a bit of freebie promo, drop us an email.