Welcome to Bindweed Magazine Issue 7: Lady-jump-out-of-bed

​Editor’s Note 

Welcome to Issue 7 of Bindweed Magazine!


This issue of Bindweed sees in the new year: publications will run through November and December 2017 and January 2018. Goodbye old, hello new! The change in schedule from October to December 2017 has been due to fellow Bindweed Editor, Joseph Robert and I, introducing a new member to the Bindweed family: a baby boy born in August. Soon after, we had a house move in October 2017. Bindweed was temporarily pruned back on the hedge as other life pursuits took over.

Now all is back on track – whew! Issue 7 is given another common Bindweed nickname: Lady-jump-out-of-bed. The origin of this one is unclear to me. At least, I haven’t managed to source the etymology from digging around. But then, like Convolvulus Arvensis itself, it tends to spring up seemingly out of nowhere and take over. Tenacious little creeper, indeed. Hopefully 2018 will be just as proliferous for our magazine too.


Leilanie Stewart 🍃


Bindweed on hiatus

Apologies, dear readers and contributors! We are having to take a short hiatus due to having a newborn baby and a forthcoming house move at the start of October. Sometimes life gets in the way of publishing pursuits.

If you have work due to be published in September for Issue 6 on the homepage, it will be delayed until October onwards.

If you have submitted work for consideration in Issue 7, we’ll be in touch.

Submissions for Issue 7 onwards are currently closed.

We’ll be back in due course – keep stopping by!


Leilanie Stewart and Joseph Robert 

Bindweed Editors

Bindweed Magazine interview in Lagan Online’s ‘Around Ireland’ feature

This month Bindweed Magazine’s editors, Joseph Robert and Leilanie Stewart, were interviewed for Lagan Online’s ‘Around Ireland’ feature. We answered 7 questions related to our editorial decisions and process focusing on our family-run magazine and sub-strand, Heavenly Flower Publishing.
Do check out the interview for more insight into our work as co-editors of Bindweed Magazine. You can also find other great literary resources including links to Literary Journals and Publications within Ireland via the Lagan Online website, so it’s well worth a good browse.