Submission response time delay – apologies!

As you may know, Bindweed Online 2019 has an ongoing submission call for poetry and fiction, with a note on our Submissions page to query after 2 months. In June, Bindweed Magazine Editor in Chief, Leilanie Stewart, received the exciting news that her debut fantasy novel, Gods of Avalon Road, will be coming soon from Blossom Spring Publishing! Over the summer, she has been busy working with her publisher to edit the manuscript.

Gods of Avalon Road - Cover1

Gods of Avalon Road - Back Cover JPEG

This has also coincided with fellow Bindweed Editor, Joseph Robert’s latest poetry collection, Brexit Brokeshit, being released.



As such, both of us here at Bindweed would like to apologise for the delay in responding to new submissions. We are delighted that Bindweed Magazine continues to be a popular choice for writers seeking a home for their work, and we indeed read each and every submission sent to us. However, we’re experiencing a backlog at the moment due to our own current publishing projects. We’ll get back to you all as soon as we can and in the meantime, all accepted work will be published on the Bindweed homepage, as usual.

Thanks for bearing with us, and for keeping the Bindweed blooming!

Leilanie and Joseph



Apologies for the publication delay!

Just a quick note to say sorry for the gap in publications! We’ve been busy reading through our Bindweed submission backlog, as well as contending with individual projects this month: a request for a full novel manuscript (Leilanie Stewart) and promoting a new poetry collection (Joseph Robert). We’ll be back to publishing more regularly now, so keep reading!

Leilanie and Joseph 🍃

Bindweed Issue 8 is now available in print

Despite personal setbacks in 2018, Joseph Robert and I have managed to get Bindweed Magazine Issue 8 into print almost a year after the online publication schedule finished in April last year.


It’s finally here. Hurray!
The past year has been a whirlwind of going back to the dayjob after maternity leave, coping with a sick baby, moving house (again!) and a family bereavement on top of all that. The setbacks delayed our publication schedule, but true to the nature of the convolvulus weed itself, Bindweed Magazine has managed to bounce back from the brink…essentially I have kept our little zine going through tough times. So thanks for bearing with me and here we go:


Print copy via Lulu Publishing


There’s a 20% discount with the code TWENTY19 (case sensitive) before February 7th, I believe.


Hope you enjoy it!


Leilanie Stewart 🍃

Bindweed Magazine Online 2019 – Submission call

We are now taking submissions for Issue 9 of Bindweed Magazine, which will open in January 2019.

We’re looking for unpublished poetry, fiction or literary hybrids that are experimental, offbeat and one of a kind.

Read our Submission Guidelines for more information.

Issue 9 onwards will be published online, although a print anthology may follow later in 2019 if we have the time and resources to launch one.

We look forward to reading your work!

Leilanie and Joseph 🍃