About Bindweed Magazine



May the Bindweed grow!

Convolvulus Arvensis, also known as bindweed, is stigmatised as being a nuisance by growing across garden fences and choking off the immaculately pruned flowers. But no one thinks about the beauty of the bindweed, opening their trumpets to the world, shouting to be heard. Is this not the state of publishing today? The neatly manicured, artificially honed flowers, given all the prestige, while the others are left to wilt?

If you are a bindweed flower trying to grow, see our Submission Guidelines and make the world your fence.

What is Bindweed Magazine all about?

Bindweed Magazine aims to publish quality poetry and fiction as an Ezine, showcasing each poet and writer for 4 days on the homepage. All work will be archived on the Ezine and will be published in a later print issue. The publication schedule is quarterly, with a print issue appearing after every 3 months, as follows:

Issue 1 – April to June

Issue 2 – July to September

Issue 3 – October to December

Issue 4 – January to March

And so on! May it ever bloom!

Contributors will receive a free pdf copy of the relevant issue in which their work appears, or can purchase a print copy at a low price if they want to read their work at open mic nights, or to sell copies at literary events.

Who runs Bindweed Magazine?

Editor in Chief: Leilanie Stewart

Editor’s Sahayak: Joseph Robert

Why did Bindweed Magazine come about?

So many magazines these days, both online and in print, are becoming defunct. Bindweed Magazine wants to be another platform for authors to market their work. It’s a labour of love. It’s all about the craft here at Bindweed; you won’t get paid (sadly), but you’ll get promoted nonetheless!

Where is Bindweed Magazine based?

It doesn’t really matter, since we have a worldwide audience, but if you really must know, Bindweed is currently based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. However, we publish quality writing from authors all over the world. So stop by and send us your work…



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