Eve Kaplan – 1 poem

The Clouds Came Out


The clouds are out today 

The trees are yellow and the sky is pink

The world becomes unridged for a day

The flowers are able to sigh

Trees able to breathe 

Frogs able to run 

Boys able to cry 

The world was black and white for a day

We saw no color

Only shadows 

The world was silent for a day 

We heard no noise

Finally understood what they meant 

The world slept for a day

Those who lay awake were free

The animals were gone for a day

And so there was no one 

The plants stopped just making oxygen and started breathing it

The world switched directions 

And as we spun this new way 

People began to fall of the edge 


Eve Kaplan is an eighth grader at Windward School in Los Angeles. She is a managing editor for GirlTalk Magazine and contributing writer to Spearhead Magazine. 

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