R. Gerry Fabian – 1 poem

The Crazy Man


 never ever begs.

 He speaks religious tracts

 in mystical tongues

 that once

 would have made him

 a soothsayer.

 The nether zone

 tempts him often

 but he is so far gone

 that those

 who glare and scold


 desire his immediate





R. Gerry Fabian is a retired English instructor.  He has been publishing poetry since 1972 in various poetry magazines. His web page is https://rgerryfabian.wordpress.com  He is the editor of Raw Dog Press https://rawdogpress.wordpress.com His novels, Memphis Masquerade , Getting Lucky (The Story) and published poetry book, Parallels are available at Smashwords and all other ebook stores. Seventh Sense, his third novel has been published by Smashwords.  He is currently working on his second book of published poems.

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