L.B. Sedlacek – 2 poems 

You will receive
some high prize
or reward.
You are patient and carefree.
Drink to your health.
Wish you
You will inherit some
money or a
small piece of land.
You will receive
some of nothing
or none.



The first time I learned about
divorce we were at the beach.
It was my cousin’s parents.  He didn’t
understand it at first.  Then he
was angry and bitter.
The arcade and the amusement
park by the beach, one in Carolina,
had bumper cars, a Ferris wheel,
Octopus, Bobsled, a game room
and a busy boardwalk.

He’d disappear on the boardwalk and
wouldn’t ride the rides because he
said he had no money for tickets.
I gave him some of mine but he
didn’t ride with me.
We went home.  We went separate ways.
His father moved out.  He stayed with
his mother.  He’s friends with his father
now some twenty years later and married
with his own kids.

The amusement park, the arcade, it still
sits there by the ocean.  It’s mostly known
now for its donut and taffy shops.  Last time
I went I wasn’t alone.  We didn’t ride the
rides or play games.

We just walked on the boardwalk and left.


L.B. Sedlacek is a poet and writer living in western North Carolina. L.B’s poems have appeared in such places as “Big Pulp,” “The Broad River Review,” “Mastodon Dentist,” “Pure Francis,” “Third Wednesday,” “The Broken Plate,” “Main Street Rag,” “Tales of the Talisman,” and others.
When not writing or reading poetry, L.B. enjoys swimming, riding
bicycles, doing volunteer work especially for the local humane society.
L.B. Sedlacek




L.B’s latest work is a memoir, “Life after Wreck”


ISBN 978-1-329-91674-6

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