Ethan Taylor – 3 poems


The man across the street
Has cut his hand on glass again,
Has called the day a whore again
And spilt his thoughts on war.

The man across the street
Has pulled the road to him again,
Has spat his teeth for them again
And found he had no more.



The breaking of eggs escapes me,
Warned me, taught me,
Showed an old man a peach
And called it flat.

On behalf of a particular everyone
Sugar spoils the wine
And eternity isn’t so sweet at
Their temperature,

But neither is love.



Let him remember his mother
And the last of the blackboards
On the fourth of every month
Riding night’s final poem,

Falling, as you did, into his promises
To quit his job and marry young,
He can spin his appetite across the fence
And leave it for the tender crows.

He is no longer affably sick,
He bites his legs and other organs,
The last of the puppets sit with an old man now,
He cannot sit alone.


Ethan Taylor is an Actor/Poet living in London, UK. He has been published in both online and hardcopy literary magazines including ExFic, Message In A Bottle, Snakeskin, Lighten Up Online, Peeking Cat and the Poetry Shed. He is the Artistic Director/In-House writer for the theatre company Who Said Theatre and his plays The Old Friend and Taking An Age received five-star reviews at London venues. He is also a series writer for the website



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