Poetry by Marc Carver, Phil Huffy and Renwick Berchild


3 poems by Marc Carver

1 poem by Phil Huffy

1 poem by Renwick Berchild 


Renwick Berchild – 1 poem

Ghost Pepper


If it is undemanding, I want no part in it.


If it is easy, take it away. Purge it from my sight. Comfort goes into the dirt. Peace stays sparse, sealed tight in a jar tucked deep in the cupboard of my youth.


I’ll have none of the lazy minds. No black and white prophets, nor conquests of or wars over fragility.


If it is clean cut, packaged swift, and tied divinely closed with a bow, it’ll go out with the trash. I’ll care not a whit.




if it drives me maddened, sends me stark raving saddened, if it pulls me up by my veins and slings me into Mother Earth’s magma core,


if it leaves me bloodied, bare boned and soddened, screaming from racing guillotine and so reeling in gasps upon the floor then


look no further. Give it here.


Drop it on my head when I am not looking.


is my pain and my privilege. The honor is mine for the raging asteroid to brace.


If it does not make me rile, it is of little use to me.


Keep your raspberry jam.
The ghost pepper I shall swallow.


Stand back, and watch me writhe,


in my grotesquely fevering, drunken sick, near-death delight.




Renwick Berchild is a pseudonym. A. Marie Kaluza hails from the USA, lives in Seattle, WA. Her poems have appeared in The Machinery India, Lunaris Review, The Blue Nib, Ampersand Lit, Slink Chunk Press, Streetcake Mag, and other e-zines, anthologies, and journals across the globe. You can find her work and additional links at RenwickBerchild.com.   

Phil Huffy – 1 poem



You chose me from a hundred score

and took my secrets for your own.

Now, time’s accursed bugle blown,

I carry on but little more.


You brought to me what poets seek

and love struck still your dreams I hold.             .

I keep them safe and hear them speak

in empty rooms of endless cold.




           Phil Huffy is a reformed attorney from Rochester, New York, USA.  Before turning to poetry, he hobbied for years as a
           songwriter and solo performer.  He often writes from personal experience as he would like to remember it.
           Recent placements include The Lyric, Gold Dust, Lighten Up Online and three haiku journals.

Marc Carver – 3 poems



I wonder what people see
when they look into my eyes
an idiot
A possible murderer
They try to escape
but I hold them in for as long as I can
I don’t know why
perhaps it is  so I know I am alive.






I went into the coffee shop
the guy took my order
and asked my name.
I looked at his name tag
it was Luke
Between us we have half the gospels I told him
He told me the coffee would be at the end.
No religious conversations today.





I walk past two young women
sat on the floor
one looks at me and says
He is not a very nice man.
I say me
I am lovely.
She doesn’t reply
but I think she may know me better
than I know myself.




Marc Carver